How you can Fix the phrase Cannot Open up the Report Error!

Are you finding the error “Cannot open Word”? Every time We get one similar to this, I know what to try and what not to do to resolve the problem. One thing I make an effort to do is always to re-install the operating system – with no chance. Then I begin hunting for explanations why my Term files will be being refused access. Here is how to solve the challenge easily:

Do you want? Let us read: when you make an effort to run a Phrase document record, Microsoft has access to the document through the “Run” dialog box, as displayed below:

Nowadays open the Word. properties windowpane by clicking on the magic formula icon over the task bar council or in the navigation bar of your computer’s desktop. In the still left pane belonging to the window, you will notice the various tabs bars of personal information. Simply click relating to the “open with Windows” tab, which is the default choice. On the left side side, click the word data file properties and choose the homes menu that appears on a single drop-down menu when the previous 1. Open the new window and find the word personal key underneath the “word properties” selection.